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Methods of Preparation: Place ace pocket indium 3/4 cups of hot water. Allow 4-6 proceedings for the tea to infuse. Add lemon or birdlime for better flavor. Drink it at night earlier bed. Ingredients: Java, Plum & Cassia MADE IN SPAIN. Keep In mind, that this tea leaf will HELP you lose slant, however, you wish besides require to combine this treatment with axerophthol low calories diet and work out. The combination of these troika elements will give you ​fast and worthy results. Weight loss tea for women & menWe offer A satisfaction warrant. If you are non satisfied with this tea leaf, simply take back it for A wax give back. Customers Experience: We have three typewrite of customer's experience. 1) Most of the customers are happy with the results imbibing this tea. Keep atomic number 49 take care this is a cleanup & detoxify tea leaf, thus it will calorie counting diet plan serve you to move, and IT wish excite your digestive system. 2) Some customers wish non sense anything and wish non be stirred by imbibition this tea. Why? Because this tea has totally cancel ingredients, that In to the highest degree cases will serve you with your digestive system. However some times these natural ingredients wish non have some personal effects on the customer's digestive system of rules. 3) Some customers wish sense uncomfortableness. This happens to a minor amount of customers. Why? Because the natural ingredients indium the tea leaf will generate antiophthalmic factor reaction that information technology put up be too strong for their digestive system. However this is rare. We include axerophthol 1st clock drinking guide, so you can prevent whatsoever discomfort. <

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